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Data Hub

With HAFAS data are received and sent via a central data hub. The HAFAS Data Collector can transfer the data to a random number of users and acts as a central data hub. The data collector also matches real-time data with planned timetable data.

The VDV-interface controls the entire process communication between the various ITCS and the recipients of the data. The data collector acts as an intermediary and transmitter for all involved in the communication process . For example, it sends the real-time information from the match server to the electronic information boards on the trains.

HAFAS is flexible and open for all kinds of data

Each HAFAS client may decide which formats he would like to use to integrate real-time information into his passenger information system. The HAFAS Data Collector communicates with the outside world to receive real-time data. The match server is placed between the data collector and the timetable information system. The purpose of the data collector is to compare real-time data with the planned timetable data. The task of the data collectors is to collect real-time information, to read information and data and convert them into a consistent format. There are basically three different types of interfaces:

  1. formal interfaces: Association of German Transport Operators (VDV) VDV 453 and 454 (for public transport), SIRI (as a European interface and successor of VDV), UIC (for rail)
  2. special interfaces by HaCon: In addition to official interfaces, HaCon offers its own formats: HRX (HAFAS Real Time Exchange) and HRC (HAFAS Real Time Compact).
  3. special, self-defined formats of transport operators: HAFAS processes special formats of customers, for example RIS (DB), Link (ÖBB) and many more

HAFAS supported real-time interfaces:

  • TROG (DSB)
  • RIT (NS)
  • Facilities
  • SIRI
  • HRX
  • HRC
  • HIM
  • Smart ITCS
  • VDV 453
  • VDV 454
  • LINK
  • USE-IT
  • RIS
  • CUS
  • UIC
  • Pubtrans (Hogia)
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