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Maps and Network-Plans

HAFAS provides passengers  with a door-to-door information that does not end at points in the network. HAFAS has developed into a comprehensive navigation system for public transport.

Detailed maps provide accurate routing, regardless of whether the destination is a particular address or a Point of Interest (POI). Maps, addresses, POI and area maps with Park&Ride car parks as well as bike stations are included in HAFAS. Passengers also get detailed walking directions on departure and destination.

HAFAS offers sophisticated interactive maps equipped with the latest features, thus making the search quick and convenient. Passengers can decide on the results to be displayed, such as Park&Ride car parks or ticket offices.

AJAX-based techniques support  the switching between different views. This means that only requested information will be loaded instead of reloading the complete site . For instance when clicking on a station on the map, the departure times would show up.

Stops, lines, means of transport, routes, POIs, fare zones, live timetables, pedestrian navigation and more are shown on maps. To display schedule information, a variety of maps may be integrated in HAFAS.

A selection:

  • PTX xServer with Navteq, Teleatlas or local data
  • Bing Maps by Microsoft
  • OpenStreetMap
  • OVI Maps by Nokia
  • Google Maps
  • Map24
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