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Station Boards

Detailed, compact or map-based: HAFAS departure and arrival boards open up new prospects


HaCon has designed the arrival and departure boards for passenger information on the Internet visually and functionally even more user friendly. HAFAS depicts the timetable for certain stations and stops in the form of departure and arrival boards. Passengers are given various options to display departing and arriving modes oft transport for a particular stop/station: as overview, detailed view in chronological order mode of transport or line.

On interactive maps, passengers can click on any stop or station to pop up a new window displaying departures, arrivals, lines and more. The map also enables the tracking of every single mode of transport live on their routes. If the user clicks on the icon of the required bus, tram, regional train, etc., detailed information will be displayed: for the next stop as well as for the course of the line. Comfortable navigation within the scalable map turns the search for trains and buses into an interactive experience.

For the query on the input mask, stops or train stations, date and time of journeys and products may be selected, for example local or long distance trains. The number of displayed journeys can also be determined.

Multi-overviews for stops: detailed, compact and line views

In the detailed view of the departure board, departing connections appear in chronological order. The connection is distinguished by icons and codes respective to the mode of transport and line name. As an indication of direction, the next stops and their respective time of arrival are shown. Further information about the stop and platform is also provided. A click on any station on the map gives further information about it. This could be useful, for example, when passengers change trains at a particular station and need to see the departure or arrival boards for this station.

The compact view displays the direction for each journey and additionally lists the next trips. Additionally, only the next trips are listed. Again, the view may be sorted by the criteria next departure time, products or individual lines, such as bus 121, tram 3, etc.

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