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Proximity Search

Proximity search for perfect planning

Journey planners usually give information about the duration of a journey from one place to another. However, for that start and destination must be defined and therefore known in advance. In order to figure out which locations can be reached in a certain time, HaCon has developed the proximity search. The solution translates time into space – as distances in public transport do not tell much about the travel times.

Multi-dimesional search

The proximity search operates multi-dimensionally: from a starting point, all possible destinations that may be reached within a given time period are computed. In addition, the duration of the trip, products of public transport and the number of transfers as well as private transport can be selected. The proximity search processes queries in real-time and works in a co-modal way. For this, the several modes of transport, as buses, trains, cars, bikes and also walking are shown on a map to compare them at first sight.

Always find the right place
In addition, further data, such as hotels, public institutions, banks, cultural and sports facilities and garages have been integrated. With one click, users retrieve important additional information useful for their planning.

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