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HAFAS Live Map

All Trains At a Glance

A new, innovative feature for journey planners, the HAFAS Live Map visualizes where each train (or other means of transport) is and helps passengers to coordinate their daily trips and connections better. Following the Munich S-Bahn, several transportation companies are now offering HaCon‘s live map as an additional service for their passengers. The interactive real-time map is available for both browser-based journey planners and mobile applications for iPhones and iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows Phone 7 and most recently also for BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone 8.

Currently, both Munich and Stuttgart S-Bahn, Deutsche Bahn, the metronom railway company, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) are providing their passengers with HaCon‘s live maps. Alongside the real-time positions of the vehicles, the live map also shows, among other things, the stations, the entire network of lines or individual,  selected lines. This way, passengers can, for example, keep an eye on lines they use often and hide those that are less relevant to them.

Thanks to to-the-minute reporting of delays for individual vehicles, waiting times can be kept to a minimum. Push messages, that inform passengers automatically about deviations from the schedule, are also part of the HAFAS live map apps‘ portfolio of features. Users can subscribe to their individual connections and receive a message if their train is delayed.

Where is my train?

As part of the DB‘s innovation study “DB Zugradar“ (train radar), HaCon technology visualizes the real-time movements of nearly 400 railway companies on an interactive map. In order to show almost 39,000 train rides a day, the HaCon system links over one million operational train messages with approx. 8,000 timetable data sets of rail passenger and freight traffic. “DB Zugradar“ visualizes all train rides within the DB‘s railway network in real time. One click on a train indicates the exact position, the next stops along its route and whether it is on time or not. Moreover, the departure times at the following stops can be displayed.



The ÖBB‘s train radar that is part of the SCOTTY journey planner allows passengers to follow the routes of 4,000 trains per day in real time. Just shortly after its launch, the ÖBB tracked close to 300,000 visits to the website. In addition to long-distance traffic, HaCon‘s live map also shows the short-distance and rapid-transit trains in Austria. By entering a specific train number, travelers can follow their own train trip.




For the German state-owned railway company metronom, HaCon developed the live map for web browsers, iPhones and Android smartphones. Here, the visualization is based on the trains‘ current GPS data.




Insight into the current state of development: The new 3D view visualizes the route and shows the vehicle from a bird‘s eye perspective. The innovative train tracking feature is available for Android version 2.2 and higher and iOS 7.

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