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"HAFAS Smart VMS on mobile devices is an inexpensive and very flexible way to get real-time data."

Jonas Ask Homaa, Rejseplanen



  • award-winning vehicle management system for public transport
  • driver app for smartphones and on-board units
  • journey planner app for passengers with real-time routing and live map
  • reliable connections between bus and rail

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Will my connecting bus wait?
Do I have to hurry to catch the next train?
Will I be on time for my appointment?

Passengers ask these and similar questions – particularly when their bus or train is delayed. Especially during the journey, precise details about delay minutes are a true plus for passengers. 

Award-winning vehicle management system

HAFAS Smart VMS gathers real-time data that guarantee comprehensive, up to the minute passenger information and reliable connections between bus and rail. Moreover, HAFAS Smart VMS also performs the data administration, the processing and archiving in the control center.

Thanks to HAFAS Smart VMS, real-time information on vehicle locations and on the timetable can be fed to all output channels for passenger information systems. As a result, travelers can easily keep track of any irregularities in operations, for instance by means of a journey planner app installed on their smartphone, and quickly make any alternate plans that may become necessary.

With a web-based control center and a platform-independent driver app for either on-board computers or smartphones, HAFAS Smart VMS provides a highly professional, user-friendly solution that has already been rewarded for its innovative power.

Open system – secure data

HAFAS Smart VMS is an open, multi-client system, which can be easily integrated into existing IT environments. Even external transportation companies that are not part of the particular provider can be integrated. For this reason, data security is a major feature: The dispatcher only has access to his own real-time information. Access rights and rules secure the sovereignty over the data of the respective company that participates as a client on the system.

HAFAS Smart VMS in vehicles

HAFAS Smart VMS in control centers

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