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  • quick, comfortable access and timetable information typical for the iPhone in Look & Feel
  • an application which is adapted optimally to the requirements of the iPhone including internet access for further information
  • individual timetable information system
  • comfortable navigation






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HAFAS for iPhone/iPad

HAFAS for the iPhone provides travellers with all relevant information pertaining to their journey. This includes individual timetable information, departure boards, area maps and information on stations nearby.

Just a finger tap and HAFAS for the iPhone gives fast and reliable answers to questions like: Which route requires the shortest walk from my current position? Which is the fastest connection to my destination? How do I get to my departure station by foot? When do I have to leave from here to get to the underground in time? When departs the next tram?

The mobile solution for the iPhone has been jointly realised by HaCon and the company CaperWhite, located in Stuttgart and specialised on developing iPhone-applications:

  • Comprehensive journey planning functionality for both long and short distance travel
  • Identification of nearby stations based on current location
  • Incremental type-ahead search for stations, addresses and points of interest
  • Extended search parameters for vias, modes of transport, journey preferences and return journeys
  • Compact display of route alternatives, including door-to-door navigation and walking distances
  • Remaining time to departure and indication whether a train/bus can be reached in time
  • Route details including stop-overs and train information
  • Area and environment maps as well as walking routes (embedded within application)
  • Real-time information on delays, platform changes, cancellations and alternative routes
  • Departure and arrival timetables including filtering by train types
  • Favorite function for destinations and routes including auto-history for past queries
  • Re-entry on last screen when leaving/re-starting the application
  • Multi-language support


Furthermore, HAFAS is also available for the iPad:

iPad - Connections Details

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