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Stop Timetables with HAFAS Print for Bern


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HAFAS Print at a glance
  • indispensable for a successful cross-media communication strategy
  • easy-to-understand timetable presentations
  • short lead times for data updates
  • high-quality printer's copies
  • automated processes with the option of manual editing
  • consistent separation of layout and contents
  • no knowledge of graphic design required
  • independent, autonomous software
  • fully compatible with other HAFAS products
Download HAFAS Print

download_hafasDownload HAFAS Print brochure

HAFAS Print generates...
  • arrival / departure boards
  • timetable books
  • scheduling tables
  • stop timetables
  • train leaflets
  • stop timetables in credit-card format
  • and much more!
Document Actions

Stop-Specific Overviews

They can be found at any bus stop and on every platform: timetables are always posted exactly where they are needed. Travelers most often use the uncomplicated overview to find information about the next scheduled departure or arrival. A well-positioned service provided for the convenience of the customers – created with HAFAS Print.

Stop-specific timetable overviews show connections either chronologically or sorted according to the direction or the destination and include every arriving and departing connection. Special trains or special stops along the route might not be displayed – every company can decide on its own rules as far as this is concerned.

Online, real-time data can be added to stop-specific travel information. This way, passengers can see at a glance whether or not their next connection is on time.

Indispensable at stations and stops: BLS AG uses HAFAS Print to design its stop timetables in a clear, easy-to-understand way.
The current DB departure timetable is available online and indicates any deviations from the regular schedule in the right-hand column. Go to
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